Saving Honey

Around 30 million Indian Pariahs live along with a population of 1.25 billion in India. Unfortunately known as stray dogs, the Pariahs have inhabited India over 15,000 years. It’s high time that humans should understand dog behavior.

Saving Honey is a blog series about saving one of the 30 million Indian Pariahs. It’s about ensuring that she is respected. She does not ‘vanish’ like her mother and sister as in the top two pictures. This blog is to protect her to being ‘run over’ by an SUV like her other sister Gauri. This blog is about her being adopted by the society like her brother was adopted by a good neighbor.

 “I’m NOT a Dog Lover.
I’m just a law-abiding citizen”

When I start this campaign to Save Honey, I start with disowning any title like that of a dog lover. It would be unfair for the society as it implies that rest are dog haters. Such an implication is unadvisable as all humans are capable of showing love, compassion, and respect for all living beings. All should be addressed as dog lovers. With the increasing hate for dogs in Pune, I wonder if it will be possible. Hence, it would be apt to say: “I’m not a Dog Lover. I’m just a law-abiding citizen who will ensure that the Indian Pariah or the Stray dogs are respected.”

There are a few vigilantes who refuse to respect the Indian Pariah. Milind Kale is one such extremist identified in Kothrud area in Pune. Mr. Kale brutally assaulted a mother and her daughter for sheltering puppies. I hope that the woman and her daughter are safe. I hope the three dogs are fine too. Similarly, it was quite disturbing when an Ex-military person strongly advocated relocation or possible culling of Indian Pariahs. In another recent incident, an Accountant made ridiculous demands of banning pets and ‘stray’ dogs as it’s against the Indian tradition! Whereas another elderly lady sparked a debate with a question: “Are human beings important or are street dogs important?(sic)” It was advisable to step back from the debate… only for the respect for the elderly.

Yesterday, Honey was spotted in the habitat she was born. Unfortunately, the collar I put on her is missing. I had put the collar on her neck so that she does not ‘vanish’ overnight or she’s not ‘run down’ by an SUV. Besides, she’s my Subbu’s best friend. I am her guardian here. So as a law-abiding citizen, and not a dog lover, its better to follow the orders issued by the Supreme Court of India for protecting stray dogs. This blog is about saving the life of an Indian national. This blog is about Saving Honey.



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