The Journey

dear Zindagi 3

Dear Brother,

I wish you a very happy birthday today. I also wish we would be celebrating your birthday together. Understandably our professional commitments disallow the luxury of celebrations. Last year we couldn’t celebrate Diwali as you were at work. I applaud your sincerity. i

If wishes were horses even dummies would ride. Brother, we are noble steeds. Celebrate life in its total grandeur and royalty. Cut a cake and have my portion of it… a large one! Be chivalrous to dummies. Assume that I am with you in the celebrations. I shall always be there. Be rest assured.

The Journey of life may seem elusive. You’ll be told that the grass is greener on the other side. You can be told that a meadow has NO grass on it! In such times. believe in yourself. Believe in righteousness. Lastly, if you’ve finished eating the cake, please dispose of the waste in the ‘dry’ bucket as instructed by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modiji.

Be rest assured, the Prime Minister of India is with you too.

Yours Sincerely,



The Apprentice Formula works!!!

The Apprentice Formula is to stay out of the firing line in the boardroom during the entire process. It’s simple!

Having ‘studied’ the boardroom scenarios over the actual tasks, a pattern has emerged to survive the boardroom, irrespective of performance. Simply put,this pattern is:

Convince the Investor 

In 2014, I had to use The Apprentice Formula in a real life situation to survive in a company as a management consultant. You have to fight your corner and it can get difficult.

The Founder of the company was aware of the business I brought from Personal Protective Equipment sector. Also, he trusted me for winning Smart City projects, though business was slow. It’s hard to move early adopters. 

I confess however, I could have been fired if The Apprentice Formula wasn’t used in 6 of the 7 occasions of possible termination in services. 


Never Assume


Wagging the Tail to Throne

Ever since childhood, I loved dogs. Baba (my father) played an instrumental role in connecting with these wonderful animals. A lovely Indian Pariah used to frequent us. Baba called her “Queen Elizabeth who wags her tail to the throne!!!”  We never got his political jokes. But they were funny! We laughed and Queen wagged her tail happily!!!I loved that sight.

“Why do dogs wag their tails?” I asked one day.

“Becuase when they are happy they show it.” Baba used to strike some awesome smilies. “They’re happy even if they don’t get any Laddus…, unlike some people.”  He was referring to me as I was upset for not being allowed more than two Laddus at a wedding. “Now you know, why dogs wag their tail…!” he continued.

“Is it..?!” The tiny ego of a 4-year-old was hurt after all! “Dogs should shake their heads when they are angry then.” I countered with the wee bit of developed intellect and instinct of an inquisitive child.

“Hold it there, young man,” Baba said in an authoritative voice of a good father. “Have you ever seen a dog shaking his head in anger?”

” No…” my voice trembled. Baba did not like anything that was wrong. “My friend says that they bark loudly, when angry. But…, I don’t think so.” I replied. What my Dad said next was just epic dad-son chat which I’ll never forget in life. He said and I quote:

“Believe in yourself,
Never Assume.
Always speak up if you don’t understand
Else speak against if incorrect.
But Never Assume.”