About Yogi

Born amidst an environment with very limited resources in the city of Pune, India, Yogesh Satpute (or Yogi) is a graduate in civil engineering from the University of Pune. He has studied Business Administration at Saïd Business School in Oxford.

After a successful decade-long career in sales & marketing with leading ICT companies in India and Europe, Yogi declared his independence by throwing his hat into the entrepreneurial ring in 2017. He is a Smart City Entrepreneur with businesses in Training and Development. His mission is to empower Rural India with the power of the internet. Currently, he is the Technical Advisor for the Indian Co-Operative Housing industry. Click here for more.

Some of his work includes:

  1. Transportation & Mobility In Smart Cities
  2. The Smart Pune Model – An 11 km Opportunity

If golf wasn’t a pastime, Yogi would have stuck to it. But he prefers to play cricket as it is more passionate.

The Apprentice UK and Yogi share a special relationship!


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