The Apprentice Effect

The Apprentice UK has been my all-time favorite television show since a decade. The Series is a reality based show promoting budding entrepreneurs seeking a quarter of million pounds in investment for starting or augmenting a business. Every episode ends with an excellent climax with a boardroom drama, resembling a corporate one. Lord Sugar, the investor, dismisses at least one candidate from the show by uttering the much-dreaded words “You’re Fired…!!!” The dismissal seems to be due to the candidate’s poor performance, such as low sales figures, project management, branding good-ups etc.

That being said, performance isn’t the only factor. Candidates have successfully evaded being ‘fired’, despite the poorest of performances. This niche expertise could be termed as a phenomenon called ‘The Apprentice Effect’. Having studied over 200 episodes (that’s like 9000 minutes of viewing! – excluding repeats and online uploads) there is a method to evade being fired when in a firing line, be it in a business reality show or be it in a real life situation.

Tried and tested by 7 professionals till date, the techniques in The Apprentice Effect managed to retain their employment. For me, The Apprentice Effect inspired a business plan for India’s first ever unscripted reality-based reality television show.

The business model is based on basics of doing business with the one who employs you. As it features logical reasoning as the value proposition, the show is called #TheYogi or ‘The Learned One’.






What's your perspective?

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