The Apprentice Formula works!!!

The Apprentice Formula is to stay out of the firing line in the boardroom during the entire process. It’s simple!

Having ‘studied’ the boardroom scenarios over the actual tasks, a pattern has emerged to survive the boardroom, irrespective of performance. Simply put,this pattern is:

Convince the Investor 

In 2014, I had to use The Apprentice Formula in a real life situation to survive in a company as a management consultant. You have to fight your corner and it can get difficult.

The Founder of the company was aware of the business I brought from Personal Protective Equipment sector. Also, he trusted me for winning Smart City projects, though business was slow. It’s hard to move early adopters. 

I confess however, I could have been fired if The Apprentice Formula wasn’t used in 6 of the 7 occasions of possible termination in services. 



What's your perspective?

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