The Net Neutrality Dilema

MZ and RKApprox. 876 million literate adult Indian population (mainly hailing from urban and semi-urban areas) is still untapped by internet and so Facebook. Can we gauge the success of at its pilot stage in India? Universal connectivity and net neutrality can be seen as a distant future in the world’s largest democracy as has been successful in smaller emerging economies, but has Indian telecom industry adopted ‘free internet’ concept promoted by Mark?

Facebook is doing a great job to connect everyone across the globe. That being said, socio-economic constraints are bound to be a part of the game. They can be overcome, if not completely. The challenge lies in the cultural constraints. Why would the audience relying on printed content for news be a part of this project that involves complexity of smart phones? Should we say this cross-section is disadvantaged?

Arguments about net neutrality shouldn’t be used to prevent the most disadvantaged people in society from gaining access or to deprive people of opportunity.

– Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder – Facebook Inc.


What's your perspective?

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