A Build-up to The Apprentice

Every year, BBC-1 starts building¬† a up the stage for The Apprentice with the original theme of Montagues and Capulets. But this year, the trailer has a makeover. The theme breaks off into a jazzy tune with badass candidates dancing their heads off..!!! Are the candidates enjoying the bleedin’ la-la land?

Don’t fall for it. It’s not going to be all haha-hehe as dancers in the trailers portray. Claude gave us an insight.

The 2016 candidates are loving the trailer. Here’s what Dillion had to say:

Pity they’re not the actual candidates. Sometimes I wonder, did last year’s trailer have actual candidates???! Maybe you should have a look. Here’s one of the three trailers.


Boardroom Zero – Missed

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“The Apprentice¬†Winners will be on other side of the table in Boardroom Zero along¬†with Apprentice legends Lord Sugar, Karren and Claude!”

At 12:30 AM Indian Standard Time (or 8:00 PM in UK) on October 4, I was excited thinking about The Apprentice. The year-long wait was over. Finally, The Apprentice was to be aired in an hour on BBC One. I was so excited that I was flying!

I really WAS flung in air…!!! A speeding bike had rammed into mine, displacing me 3 to 4 feet in the air. But the Apprentice Nostalgia still lingered as I flew. “Mark, Tom, Ricky, Leah, Alana…”

Memory gave way as I landed with a big “THUD!” on my waist. I realised I was in an accident. When the bike came crashing down on my shoulder, it became obvious that this one was a biggie – a terminal event.

A 12 year old pattern was disrupted. The Apprentice had ended before it began.

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Online Citizen Services: Digital Literacy 


Innovations have made democracy more open and connected. Governments have made accessibility much easier via portals or websites which offer Online Citizen Services (OCS). The Government of India has floated services for tax filing, utilies, etc. to establish efficiency in the world’s largest democracy. However, there¬†is a huge dearth in the number of OCS website vists. The issue is twofold – 1) Low visibility 2) Low digital literacy.¬†

Citizens have to be kept informed about OCS via word of mouth or robust digital marketing strategies. Secondly, digital literacy needs to be increased  across the population Рa Herculean task but doable. The success lies in imparting basic knowledge like:

  1. Operating computer, smartphone, tabs etc.
  2. Accessing OCD websites/portals
  3. Email correspondence
  4. Searching for online information
  5. Online Transactions

A large part of the Indian population lives in the rural areas, making it difficult to increase the digital literacy ratio. A solution is offered by Digital India’s initiative called¬†Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyaan (PMGDSA). The program imparts digital literacy to a rural population of six crore across India. The objective is to reach around 40% of rural households by covering one member from every eligible household by 31st March, 2019.

Renowned institutions like NASSCOM, NIELIT, IGNOU, HKCL, ICTACT, NIESBUD etc. have undertaken PMGDSA as a mission to make India truly ‘Digital’. It can be marked as the onset of making citizens smart with smart governance for a smart democracy.¬†